Chiara Sgaramella

Artist and researcher at the Universitat Politècnica de València, Chiara studies the confluences between collaborative processes and art linked to ecosocial issues in the contemporary scene. She holds a PhD in Fine Arts and has been a visiting scholar at the Center for Creative Ecologies at the University of California, Santa Cruz (USA). In addition to her academic activity, she develops artistic and cultural management projects related to socio-environmental issues. Her work has been exhibited in international exhibitions and she has participated in artistic residencies linked to ecologically focused art such as The Shifting Place at the Pistoletto Foundation (Italy, 2016), Atlante Energetico at the Spinola Banna Foundation (Italy, 2016-17), Bloom Again (Greece, 2017), New Curriculum (Asturias, Spain, 2018) and Resistències Artístiques (Valencia, Spain, 2019-2021).

Her projects arise from context-based collaborative research and develop around metaphors of complexity and interdependence. Considering art as a fertile ground for the hybridization of different knowledge systems, she attempt to raise questions about contemporary eco-social issues, especially in relation to agriculture, land use and food sovereignty.