ON MEDIATION. Platform on curatorship and research arises from the research group Art Globalization Interculturality (University of Barcelona) as a result of the need to examine in depth the results of contemporary curatorial practices understood as a mechanism of mediation, ‘thinking beyond the specialized role’ and creating a space for debate ‘on the cultural location of this mediation’ (Lars Bang Larsen & Soren Andresen, 2006).

ON MEDIATION. Platform on curatorship and research is a theoretical and practical platform, which addresses various perspectives to identify different methodologies to push curatorial practice towards a post-disciplinary setting. Among other activities, ON MEDIATION offers an annual International Seminar which is organized through an initial –theoretical – stage of lectures, led by curators of recognized international experience, and a second – practical – stage, where participants can develop the ideas put forward during the seminar through a mentored curatorial project, presented in different spaces within the artistic scene of Barcelona.