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Curatorial Practices for Ecosocial Transition

Curatorial practices are exposed to a transition that adjust them to the challenges of facing the environmental, social and political crisis caused by advanced capitalism and climate change. Within this context, the 9th edition of On Mediation proposes a space for reflection and experimentation based on different contributions from the national and international context focused on exploring new forms of community and its relationship with new modes of co-habitation with nature.

The research group AGI (Art, Globalization, Interculturality) presents the ninth edition (2021-2022) of the training seminar ON MEDIATION, a program of theoretical and practical studies on curatorship aimed at artists, curators, critics, students, researchers, art historians and other groups interested in the process of creating exhibitions and artistic projects beyond the disciplinary field.


Oriol Fontedevila
Instituto de Estudios Postnaturales
Inland (campo adentro)
Julia Ramírez-Blanco
MyVillages                                                                                                                                                                                                  Christian Alonso                                                                                                                                                                                             
Centre d’Art i Natura la Farrera
Oficina de Relació Interespècies
Fundación Cerezales



 3 NOV. – 15 DEC.  2021
Online (Zoom) and on-site sessions (streaming)

1. 3 Nov. 2021, 18-21h Anna Maria Guasch and Martí Peran, directors of ON MEDIATION project. Introductory and welcome session of the seminar. Aula 221

2. 10 Nov. 2021, 18-21h Oriol Fontdevila (Curator, writer and researcher specialized in artistic practices and education, Barcelona). Aula 221

3.  17 Nov. 2021, 18-21h Institute of Postnatural Studies + Inland (Centre for artistic experimentation from which to explore and problematize the postnatural as a framework for contemporary creation. + Arts collective, dedicated to agricultural, social and cultural production, and a collaborative agency). Online session

4. 18 nov. 2021,18-21h Julia Ramírez-Blanco (art historian and professor at the Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona). Aula 313

5. 24 Nov. 2021, 18-21h MyVillages (International artist collective that explore the rural as a space for and of cultural production, The Netherlands). Online session

6. 25 Nov. 2021, 18-21h Christian Alonso (Researcher, art historian and independent curator, Barcelona). Aula 221

7. 1 Dec. 2021, 18-21h Centre d’Art i Natura la Farrera + Oficina de Relació Interespecies (Residence program for artists and researchers from all over the world in the Pyrenees + Participatory and research project that analyzes and facilitates the complex relationship between species). Online session

9. 9 Dec. 2021, 18-21h Fundación Cerezales (Institution oriented to the development of the territory and projects related to the study and respect for the environment, León). Online session

10. 15 Dec. 2021, 18-21h Project presentations and farewell. Aula 221



 First semester 2022                                                                                                                                                                                               The experimental phase of the OM/9 edition is articulated through a first stage of a workshop conducted by the Fundación Cerezales team and a second stage of a short residency/stay at Nectar_Artist Residency & rural co-living.




Director: Anna Maria Guasch

Coordinators: Julia Ramírez-Blanco and Olga Sureda

Teaching load: 30 hours

Location: Faculty of Geography and History (C/ Montalegre 6, Barcelona) and online sessions.

Language: Spanish and English, according to the guests.

Tuition: 300 euros students / 350 euros non-students



 With the goal of reflecting on curatorial practices of proximity and in relation to the urgencies derived from the ecosocial crisis, the workshop led by the Fundación Cerezales team will be developed in two phases. The first stage (between February-March 2022) will take place in Barcelona with the aim to propose the tasks to be developed in Nectar during a weekend stay (between April/May 2022).

*In order to access the workshop, it is not necessary attend the seminar. In November, detailed information will be provided like the selection process to access the workshop, for which a motivation letter and an updated Curriculum Vitae will be required.

Director: Martí Peran

Coordinators: Julia Ramírez-Blanco and Olga Sureda

Workshop: Fundación Cerezales

Collaborator: On Mediation and Nectar Artist in Residence & rural co-living

Location: Faculty of Geography and History UB, (Montalegre 6, Barcelona), and Nectar (Les Guilleries Natural Park, Osona, Barcelona).

Registration: December 2021