“Suggerir és insinuar amb prudència”. Jessica Moroni, Patricia Sandonis, Issa Téllez @ àngels barcelona – espai 2 (Art Nou 2019)

Suggerir és insinuar amb prudència is a group show at espai 2 from àngels Barcelona gallery framed within the multidisciplinary program of artistic residencies NectArt and the festival Art Nou. It is presented as a sensitive and complex display in which multiple materialities and corporalities coexist. The art projects of the artist residents Jessica Moroni, Patricia Sandonis and Issa Téllez will be exhibited and it is curated by pli-é collective (Eva Paià, Marina Ribot and Angelica Tognetti)

Suggesting to bring something from the bottom to the top, insinuating ourselves to slide inside the other, its curves, its folds. To be prudent means positioning ourselves, rejecting violence while still facing it.

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