VIDEO / Workshop on Writing Criticism · [CAPSULE 1]


Within the framework of On Mediation, we want to engage a new project developing a Workshop on writing criticism. The emphasis is put on the paradoxical character of critical activity as a new process of mediation. Beneath this perspective, we understand criticism as being into the interstices between visuality and orality, between interpretation and judgment, between theory and empiricism, between subjectivity and normativity.

This video is the result of the [CAPSULE 1] of the Workshop on Writing Criticism.


TELEVISION – Criticism made from audiovisual media

Workshop by Mercè Alsina (art critic)

Audiovisual production: Jokin Buesa, Lavinia NewMedia

Director: Anna Maria Guasch

Coordination: Rosa A. Cruz + Olga Sureda.

Organization: Universitat de Barcelona i Arts Santa Mònica.

With the support of ARTS SANTA MÒNICA.