VIDEO / Diogo da Cruz at ‘Enésima Intempestiva’ (OM/3)


The Gravity of Time seeks in the differences between measuring and perceiving time in order to question speed as a value in itself and propose a slow vital attitude. It is an ambivalent and polymorphic project, which borns from Da Cruz’s fascination for those intervals -moments of waiting, optical illusions, temporal paradoxes- that are opposing the surgical precision of clock hands to reveal points of failure in time. The work of Diogo da Cruz (Lisboa, 1992), shown for the first time in Spain, looks for analogies between artistic practice and knowledge fields as uneven as philosophy, biology, neurosciences or physics.

Diogo da Cruz, The Gravity of Time (2016). Lecture-performance and installation (self-edited book, flag, six modified clocks, GIF and waiting room chairs) within the framework of the exhibition “Enesima Intempestiva” (OM/3).