VIDEO / Workshop on Writing Criticism II · [CAPSULE 2]



We are glad to continue a new project started the last year within the framework of On Mediation. Training seminar on curatorial theories and practices, which is the Workshop on Critical Writing. This workshop will underscore the paradoxical nature of critical activity as a new mediation process. Under this point of view, we understand critical writing in the interspaces between visuality and verbality, between interpretation and judgement, between theory and empiricism, between subjectivity and normativity.

This video is the result of the [CAPSULE 2] of the Workshop on Writing Criticism II.


BETEVÉ / Criticism made from audiovisual media

Workshop by Mercè Alsina (art critic)


Director: Anna Maria Guasch
Coordination: Julia Ramirez & Olga Sureda
With the support of: Galeria àngels barcelona
Organization: Universitat de Barcelona