ON MEDIATION/4 (2016-2017)

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Training Seminar on Curatorial Theories and Practices


Theoretical Phase: November 2016 – February 2017

Practical Phase: December 2016 – June 2017


The Research Group AGI presents the fourth edition of the Training Seminar ON MEDIATION, a theoretical and practical study program on curatorship. The three first experiences of the seminar gathered a large number of artists, art historians, critics, writers and cultural producers, who collectively generated five curatorial projects in collaboration with institutions such as Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc, the platform IDENSITAT, the Fundació Antoni Tàpies Archive, the Guasch Coranty Foundation, ADN Platform and àngels barcelona – espai 2.

From the Research Group AGI and as a result of the recent professionalization of the figure of the curator, we believe it is necessary to deepen into the notion of contemporary curatorial practices understood as a mediation mechanism, ‘thinking beyond the specialized role’ and creating a space for debate ‘on the cultural location of this mediation’ (Lars Bang Larsen & SorenAndresen, 2006). The ON MEDIATION initiative seeks to respond the need to provide an educational programme from the Academia. This seminar supplies necessary tools for the process of creating an exhibition.

ON MEDIATION/4 Seminar on Curatorial Theories and Practices is a training seminar, where various perspectives are addressed in order to identify different methodologies to promote the curatorial practice towards a multidisciplinary scenario. It is according to this will that we want to provide a space for interdisciplinar dialogue and debate, within the articulation of a twofold programme: on the one hand the theoretical phase, with lectures led by curators of recognized international experience, and on the other hand, the practice phase, where the participants develop an exhibition project through working sessions, which enhance knowledge intertwining and give the chance for shared working processes and mutual decision-making. Within the practical phase, the working group will have the opportunity to develop the ideas presented at the seminar by means of the materialization of a supervised curatorial project, which will be presented at Arts Santa Mònica in June 2017.

This seminar is addressed to artists, curators, art critics, students, researchers, art historians or any other collectives interested in developing their curatorial concerns beyond disciplinary scope, deepening the practice of cultural mediation and questioning imposed models. All registered participants will receive a certificate of attendance, on-line work material and project-based supervision.

Directors: Anna Maria Guasch and Martí Peran
Coordinators: Christian Alonso and Olga Sureda
Organization: ON MEDIATION Platform, as a project of the Research Group AGI (Art Globalization Interculturality), Universitat de Barcelona, within the framework of both research projects “Cartografía Crítica del Arte y la Visualidad en la Era de lo Global: Nuevas Metodologías, Conceptos y Enfoques Analíticos II Parte” (HAR2013-43122P) from the Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, and “Art, Globalization, Interculturality” (AGI/ART, 2014 SGR 1050) from the Agència de Gestió d´Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
Partner institution: Arts Santa Mònica


Registration will remain open until October 28, 2016!  Registration Form



November 2016 – February 2017

Director: Anna Maria Guasch
Coordinators: Christian Alonso and Olga Sureda
Teaching load: 30 hours
Language: English and Spanish (depending on guests)

The sessions will take place on Wednesdays at the Faculty of Geography and History (Room 402) of the University of Barcelona (Montalegre 6, Barcelona) and at Arts Santa Mònica (Les Rambles 7, Barcelona).




2nd Nov. 2016, FGH, 18-21h:
Introductory session by Anna Maria Guasch and Martí Peran, ON MEDIATION project directors. Presentation of the seminar structure by the coordinators and presentation of the participants.

9th Nov. 2016, FGH, 11-13h:
Session by Anna Maria Guasch. Lecture “Curatorial Turns in Global Contemporary Art”.

9th Nov. 2016, FGH, 18-21h:
Session by Le Peuple qui Manque. Curators and Founders of the Curatorial Platform Le Peuple qui Manque, based in Paris. Convenor: Olga Sureda.

16th Nov. 2016, FGH, 18-21h:
Workshop by Valentín Roma. Art historian, essayist and curator. Director of [La Virreina] Centre de la Imatge. Convenor: Pablo Santa Olalla.

23th Nov. 2016, FGH, 18-21h:
Session by Charles Esche. Curator and writer. Director of Vannabemuseum (Eindhoven). Convenor: Christian Alonso.

30th Nov. 2016, FGH, 18-21h:
Round table “Sustaining community-based curatorial practices”. La Fundició, Sonia Fernández Pan, Patricia Carrasco, Núria Durán. Convenors: Christian Alonso and Olga Sureda.



14th Dec. 2016, FGH, 18-21h:
“Mediation as a channel for difference”. Session by Oriol Fontdevila. Curator, writer and researcher. Convenor: Diana Padrón.

21th Dec. 2016, ASM, 18-21h:
Project presentations.



25th Jan. 2017, ASM, 18-21h:
Session by Lars Bang Larsen. Art historian and independent curator. Co-curator of the 32th São Paulo Biennial (2016). Convenor: Martí Peran.



Session by Imma Prieto. Independent curator. Arts Santa Mònica. Date and time to be announced.




December 2016 – June 2017

Director: Martí Peran
Coordinator: Christian Alonso y Olga Sureda
Follow-up sessions: 14 (distributed between December 2016 and June 2017. Hours of autonomous working are not considered).
Venues: Faculty of Geography and History. (Montalegre 6, Barcelona) and Arts Santa Mònica. (La Rambla 7, Barcelona)

The registration to the theoretical phase is an indispensable condition to access the practical phase. The selection process of the participants who will conform the working team will be announced once the seminar started. Candidates will be asked to send a motivational letter and the CV. The working group will work from January-February 2017 with the artist  Javier Peñafiel on a curatorial project to be presented in Arts Santa Mònica Center with his recent works. During the working process all the phases of the project (production, mediation, communication) will be covered.





Tuition: 275 euros students / 325 euros not students.
Registration form HERE.
Number of vacants: 30


Enrollment: from December 2016
Tuition: 100 euros
Number of vacant: 6


Faculty of Geography and History (University of Barcelona) and Arts Santa Mònica

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