Enésima intempestiva [Umpteenth Untimely Meditation]

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Enésima Intempestiva [Umpteenth Untimely Meditation]


“And it is a matter for wonder: a moment, now here and  then gone (…) nonetheless returns as a ghost and disturbs the peace of a later moment.”

Nietzsche, Friedrich. Second Untimely Meditation

Enésima Intempestiva [Umpteenth Untimely Meditation] draws attention to Nietzschean philosophy in order to assert the need to return to a slow time.  Contrary to his proposal to learn to look backwards in order to go forward, we are living in a homogeneous succession of presents that run aimlessly and out of control. That is why we find in the untimely – that which does not occur at a suitable time or season – how we might decelerate the frenzied rhythm in which we are immersed.

To recover a tranquil pace is the only way to regain a full life that we want to repeat umpteen times (or time and time again). Thus, both the critical and bellicose attitude that runs through Untimely Meditations and the idea of eternal return support the theoretical framework of this exhibition.


On Mediation_Theory and Curatorial Practices in the Global Art is a training seminar organized by the research group Art, Globalization Interculturality (AGI) from the University of Barcelona. This exhibition is produced by On Mediation in collaboration with the gallery àngelsbarcelona, the gallery Joan Prats, the Museum Mausoleo of Salamanca and El Gallo Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo.


Artists: Antoni Muntadas, Esther Ferrer, Jaime Pitarch, Diogo da Cruz, Lucía C. Pino, Lúa Coderch, Jorge Satorre, Jaume Clotet & Ander Perez, Pol Ricart

Curatorial Team: Gisela Chillida, Roc Domingo, Natalia Morales, Arnau Oliveras, Alfredo Zubiaur

Coordination: Pablo Santa Olalla, Olga Sureda, Christian Alonso

Direction: Martí Peran

Partner Institutions: àngels barcelona, Joan Prats, Museo Mausoleo, El Gallo Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo