ON MEDIATION at Art Nou — Research and Curiosity in the Curatorial Process

Research and Curiosity in the Curatorial Process.
Theoretical Phase and Workshop. 

Conducted by the ON MEDIATION Team

21.09.2017 / 16h – 20h

Arts Santa Mònica — Sala d’actes

The fact that, in Spanish, the word “curiosity” (curiosidad) has the double meaning of ‘desire of knowing’ and ‘dedication for cleaning and grooming’ is often unknown. In the curatorial process, both aspects unite with an advanced research metodology. In such a way, a unique knowledge-production mechanism is put into operation. This mechanism departs from the artistic field, venturing into other knowledge areas. Playing within a round trip game, the curatorial process finally returns to the art field, transformed into a diffusion dispositive with different faces: visualization, publication, mediation.

This workshop presents, in a condensed way, the path to the curatorial developed from the curatorship and research seminar ON MEDIATION, which is conducted by the Research Group Art Globalization Interculturality (AGI) at the University of Barcelona. The ON MEDIATION’s theoretical and functional structure will be presented, followed by an explanation of the different curatorial models, discourses and study cases examined in the pathway of this seminar. The workshop will close with a practical activity in which a curatorial proposal at sight in Arts Santa Mònica will be analized.

ON MEDIATION. Platform on curatorship and research is a platform with a theoretical and practical character, from which different curatorial perspectives are addressed. These perspectives identify different working processes which impel curatorial practice to a post-disciplinar scenario.


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