Workshop on Critical Writing — ON MEDIATION & Arts Santa Mònica



May 2017

We are starting a new project within the framework of On Mediation. Training seminar on curatorial theories and practices, focused on a Workshop on Critical Writing. This workshop will underscore the paradoxical nature of critical activity as a new mediation process. Under this point of view, we understand critical writing in the interspaces between visuality and verbality, between interpretation and judgement, between theory and empiricism, between subjectivity and normativity.

Director: Anna Maria Guasch

Coordination: Rosa A. Cruz + Olga Sureda.

Organization: Universitat de Barcelona i Arts Santa Mònica.

With the support of ARTS SANTA MÒNICA.




Sessions by Imma Prieto (independent curator and art critic)

29.03.2017 — Facultat de Geografia i Història (2ª floor, Room 206) — 18-20h

05.04.2017 — Arts Santa Mònica, Sala d’actes — 18-20h

Sessions linked to the theoretical phase of the seminar OM/4.


TELEVISION – Art Criticism in Audiovisual Media

Workshop by Mercè Alsina (art critic)

04.05.2017 — 17-20h

See the outcome HERE


NÚVOL – Digital Newspaper as a collaborative website

Workshop by Bernat Puigtovella (director of Núvol)

10.05.2017 — 17-20h

Read the outcome here: 

Torrent Echidna Attractor. La raresa de la matèria“, Lucía Marcote for Núvol.


CULTURAL ABC – La crítica periodística

Workshop by Javier Díaz-Guardiola (art critic, assistant director of Suplemento Cultural ABC)

18.05.2017 — 17-20h

Read the outcome here:

«Radical Video», la experimentación a todo color de Nam June Paik“, Núria Gurina for ABC Cultural.

En la trinchera (del MACBA) con Martha Rosler“, Susana Pardo for ABC Cultural.

Navia, tras las huellas de Cervantes, ahora en Barcelona“, Susana Pardo for ABC Cultural.

Lucía C. Pino: Cuando los objetos nos llaman“, Ana Valenciano for ABC Cultural.


The workshops are related to three platforms:

Written Press (El Cultural de ABC) / Digital Press (Cultural digital magazine NÚVOL) / Television (betevé)

The critical exercises done by the participants will be supervised by the coordinators and director of the workshop. Addressed on the ongoing exhibitions at Arts Santa Mònica, the exercises will be published in one of the proposed platforms.

Arts Santa Mònica exhibitions: Llegible-Visible. Entre el fotograma i la pàgina. Until May 28th / Miguel de Cervantes o el deseo de vivir. José Manuel Navia. Until May 21th / (Re)visionats, (re)visitats. LOOP. Until May 28th / Joan Morey. Cos social (Lliçó d´anatomia). Until June 16th.

Imma Prieto’s Sessions

Free entrance; Limited capacity

To attend, send us a confirmation at

Candidates to the Workshop on Critical Writing will be assessed taking into account attendance to the previous sessions with this independent curator and art critic.


Candidates must send a CV and a short letter of motivation to and fill the registration form.

Each participant can choose one or more workshops

Tuition fee: 50€ students, 60€ non-students.

Number of places: 5/6 participants each workshop

Certificate of attendance: Validated by Universitat de Barcelona