Workshop on curatorship and art criticism with IMMA PRIETO

Workshop with Imma Prieto

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Imma Prieto is art critic, independent curator and Professor of Contemporary Art and New Media at the Escola Universitària Eram de la Universitat de Girona (UdG). She will conduct this double session around curatorship and art criticism as a culmination for the theoretical phase of ON MEDIATION/4, as well as as the starting point of the Workshop on Critical Writing that will take place on May.


March 29th [ 18-20h ] Facultat Geografia i Història (Montalegre, 6, 2ª floor) – ROOM 206

Session by Imma Prieto. Independen curator and art critic.
Presented by Anna Maria Guasch. ON MEDIATION’s co-director with Martí Peran.

April 5th [ 18-20h ] Sala d´Actes, Arts Santa Mònica.
Session by Imma Prieto.