ON MEDIATION/1 (2013-2014)

Seminar, Seminar

International Seminar ON MEDIATION/1
Curatorial Theories and Pratices on Global Art


Training Seminar
January – May, 2014
Direction: Anna Maria Guasch and Martí Peran
Coordination: Nasheli JiménezChristian M. AlonsoDiana PadrónOlga Sureda
Presented by: AGI | Art Globalization Interculturality
Department of Art History, University of Barcelona


(13th November – 18th December 2013) – 18 hours (6 three-hour sessions) – Compulsory attendance – 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Faculty of Geography and History
Montalegre, 6. Room 406

Mentorship: Anna Maria Guasch / Martí Peran

Introduction: On Mediation
1. Introdution by Anna Maria Guasch and Martí Peran
Presentation of the coordinators and assistants
Material delivery and explanation about the course
13th November

Case Studies Modules: Curatorial Theories and Practices
2. Session by Martí Peran / 20th November 2013
3. Session by Latitudes / 27th November 2013
4. Session by Carles Guerra / 4th December 2013

Uses and Tools
5. ‘Ways of doing’ and Dossier of lectures presented and comented by Christian M. Alonso, Diana Padrón and Olga Sureda. Coordination of individual works (critical article and presentation). Discussion session.
11th December 2013
6. Round Table: Individual works presentaciones and conclusions. Creation of the Working Groups. Definition and coordination of the Projects. Aperitif.
18th December 2013

(January – May 2014) – 30 hours (10 three-hour sessions) – Compulsory attendance

Phase tutored by Martí Peran
Supervision by the coordinators Christian M. Alonso, Diana Padrón and Olga Sureda.
Choice of Workshop depending on line of work.



Curatorial practices with contemporary art collections. 
It includes a three-hour workshop directed by Juan Vicente Aliaga

Curatorial practices linked to contemporary art research.
It includes a three-hour workshop directed by Pilar Bonet

Curatorial practices in specific social contexts.
It includes a three-hour workshop directed by Conrado Uribe

• Three reduced working groups were organized in order to generate three exhibition projects in public or private centers inside the catalan artistic circuit. Each group must complete all the project phases (ideation, coordination, execution and diffusion)
• Project monitoring: The coordinators specifically monitored each one of the working groups. Martí Peran did a specific monitoring of the groups. Martí Peran tutored the whole working process to grant the adequate materialization of the projects.

Projects done:

  1. Yo, Misil
  2. Barcelona Inspira
  3. Menos es Más