Seminar Curatorial practices. Stories, Mutations and challenges


Project by Curatorial Team ON MEDIATION_Platform on Curatorship and Research (Barcelona) in collaboration with Warehouse 241 (Abu Dhabi) and with the support of the Embassy of Spain in the U.A.E.

The seminar proposes an approach to curatorial practice to recognize its evolution, its competences and its current challenges. All the sessions are crossed by a crucial question: Does the curator contribute to enclose the art system or does it represent the gap for opening it?
The participants will develop the notion of the “curatorial” including techniques, formats, and aesthetics. The curatorial not only implies knowledge developed in artists studios and cultural institutions, but also encompasses a whole field of knowledge relating to the conditions of art and culture and the different contexts in which they are defined.
– The output is to achieve a general frame of knowledge in which each participant will be able to explore the practices and the discourses of the curatorial.

Curatorial discourses, ideas and methods. The turns of contemporary art 
24th May
Session 1: 6-8 pm GST
Workshop 1: 8-9 pm GST
By Christian Alonso.

Curatorship: between experience and knowledge . The middleman as a subjectifying agent . The perspective of gender. The perspective of the postcolonial. The perspective of the environmental.

History of the exhibitions / history of the curator. Typologies of curating
25th May
Session 2: 6-8 pm GST
Workshop 2: 8-9 pm GST
By Julia Ramírez-Blanco

The exhibition as a machine for seeing and an act of learning.. Genealogy of the most emblematic exhibitions since 1969 up to present. Study of some exhibition models beyond the ideology of the white cube as theorised by Brian O´Doherty

Exhibition-making: The curatorial project: planning and management 
31st May
Session 3: 6-8 pm GST
Workshop 3: 8-9 pm GST
By Olga Sureda

Stages in the implementation of a project.:Conceptualization/ Production / Display/Mediation / Communication. Logistics of organizing public events, workshops and other discursive program formats/Exhibition design. Conservation and installation of pieces/Budgets, fundraising, loans, artist agreements.

Curatorial projects on the City, Architecture, Urbanism and the Public Sphere
1st June
Session 4: 6-8 pm GST
Workshop 4: 8-9 pm GST
By Marti Peran

Curating within the framework of urban studies. The curatorship as a production agent in the public sphere. Architecture and Urbanism as a curatorial object and as a political pretext. Case Studies: Glaskultur/Post-it city/ After Architecture, After Landscape.



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