“La ciudad salvaje. Tour por la auténtica Barcelona oculta.”


“La ciudad salvaje. Tour por la auténtica Barcelona oculta.”

31th May, 12h – Starting point at Plaza Catalunya
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This activity is proposed as a touristic route through Barcelona within which the living conditions of african inmigrante people of the city will be shown. The artwork not only breaks with the tourist itineraries to give voice to some hidden facets of Barcelona, but at the same time puts in dialog the concept of tourism with the one of immigration, the latter related to the failure of the “European Dream”, and henceforth linked to the idea of derivation of a predetermined idea.

Route by bike: If you don’t have a bike, we will rent you one (1.50€ / hour). Aprox Duration 5 hours. The tour is free.
Meeting Point: Center of Plaza Cataluña
A resting time will be done, with picnic; bring some snacks to share.

Guide: Mamadou Kheraba
Artist: Bárbara Sánchez (Lleida, 1987)

This activity is done within the framework of the exhibition Yo, misil, at Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc from 26th to 31th May 2014, and is part of ON MEDIATION/1 and Loop Festival 2014.


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