Centre d’Art la Panera – Lleida, España

Centre d’Art la Panera

The Art Centre La Panera is a site for the production, presentation and experience of the visual arts in our country, and aims to serve as an instrument for building bridges between visual creative work and creative work produced within other areas of culture. At the same time, by means of the exhibitions and activities put on there, it aspires to be a centre of reflection, to link the visual arts with the many problems and questions generated by our society.

The exhibitions programme includes individual projects of great importance, such as those presented by Alicia Framis, Cabello/Carceller and Antoni Abad, as well as thematic exhibitions addressing the crucial issues of our times. Such exhibitions draw the Centre to state its position regarding the controversies they generate.

In addition, the presentation of the Leandre Cristòfol Art Biennial, an exhibition running since 1997, managed to bring together a significant collection of Spanish contemporary art, from which several presentations have emerged, both in the Centre and in other artistic institutions.