Design Curating and Writing Master Programme, Design Academy Eindhoven – Eindhoven, Netherlands

Design Curating and Writing Master Programme, Design Academy Eindhoven

If design is all around us, shaping our daily lives in both visible and invisible ways, then design writers and curators should be acutely aware of that influence. This Masters programme uses design as a lens for looking at the world. It provides the critical skills necessary to reflect on the numerous roles design plays today, while challenging conventional perceptions of what design is. It will draw on both theory and direct observation, using research and analysis to develop a personal point of view.

This is the first Master of Arts at a design school to offer both curating and writing, and is thus a course geared towards more fluid careers that might incorporate journalism, criticism and curating. The course is designed for a rapidly shifting landscape in which both media and museums are redefining themselves. With that in mind, it offers a portfolio of complementary skills that embraces traditional forms of writing and exhibition-making alongside online platforms, broadcasting and more experimental formats. The aim is to enable students to develop writing and curating into their own practices, which they can continue to pursue in professional careers.