ICCo – Instituto de Cultura Contemporânea – São Paulo, Brasil

ICCo – Instituto de Cultura Contemporânea

Founded in 2009 by the collector Regina Pinho de Almeida, ICCo integrates a selected group of private institutions which support art in Brasil. The Institute is a Public Interest of the Civil Society Organization (OSCIP) that is sustained by resources from agreements, edicts, donations, sponsorship and incentive laws.


The ICCo has the mission of expanding the appraisal and the understanding of art value today.


The ICCo believes in art as a key transformative element of contemporary society. The Institute uphold a wider presence of private entrepreneurship for supporting the culture, filling the gaps in the national art system.

Action Strategies

The ICCo articulates partnerships to strengthen dialogue and institutional collaboration, promotes the exchange of cultures and ideas, and contributes to artistic education and to the rescue of the cultural memory of the nation.