MA in Curatorial Practice, School of Visual Arts – New York, U.S.A.

MA in Curatorial Practice, School of Visual Arts 

The Master of Arts degree in Curatorial Practice is a two-year program that focuses on professional training, with a thorough grounding in the relevant study of history, research, and theory, and with an emphasis on hands-on work with experts in the field, professional networking, and the foremost goal of placing graduates of the program in curatorial jobs. The program takes full advantage of the vast number of arts institutions and professionals on the doorstep of the school in Chelsea and throughout New York City, which provides countless opportunities for study, mentoring, and professional development. Our faculty members are all working in significant institutions in New York, with curators, museum and gallery professionals, and artists streaming into our space on 21stStreet each week from around the world to talk about their exhibitions, programs, and events, and to meet with our students.